The Georgia State AFL-CIO's 2018 Endorsed Candidates

The Georgia State AFL-CIO Announces Endorsed Candidates for the 2018 Midterm General Elections.

Atlanta, GA.  Aug. 30, 2018 -- On Thursday August 30th, as Labor Day approaches, the Georgia AFL-CIO announced its list of all endorsed candidates for the 2018 Midterm General Elections. The Georgia AFL-CIO endorsed Stacey Abrams for Governor in October of 2017. However, as the largest Federation of Labor Unions in Georgia, the Georgia AFL-CIO is committed to standing with candidates who stand with working families across all levels of Government and across the state of Georgia.

“This is a monumental year for the Labor movement,” said Charlie Flemming, President of the Georgia AFL-CIO. “Working people are winning across the country, from defeating Prop A in Missouri to negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements across the country, to Delta workers fighting for the freedom to join together right here in Atlanta.”

That momentum is palatable in Georgia, as the Georgia AFL-CIO launches its effort to support pro-working family candidates across the state.

“Georgia is often called the number one state to do business, but it is time for Georgia to become the number one state for working families,” said Yvonne Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer of the Georgia AFL-CIO. “We are so excited to stand with all of these candidates who will stand for working families as we fight for the freedom to negotiate for fairness at work.”

The complete list of the Georgia AFL-CIO’s endorsed candidates is below. Please note that this list is cumulative and includes some candidates endorsed for Georgia’s May primaries as well as sitting elected officials with a strong, pro-Labor voting record.

The Georgia AFL-CIO is also highlighting Union members and families running for office:
Lisa Ring for Congressional District 1, Chuck Enderlin for Congressional District 3, Ralph Meers for House District 17, Charles Ravenscraft for House District 22, El-Mahdi Holly for House District 111 and Julie Jordan for House District 179.

Georgia AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates

Statewide Endorsements
Governor – Stacey Abrams
Lieutenant Governor- Sarah Riggs Amico
Commissioner of Labor – Richard Keatley
Secretary of State – John Barrow
Commissioner of Insurance – Janice Laws
State School Superintendent – Otha Thornton
Attorney General – Charlie Bailey
Commissioner of Agriculture – Fred Swann
Public Service Commissioner District 3 – Chuck Eaton (I)
Public Service Commissioner District 5 – Dawn Randolph

Federal Endorsements
Congressional District 1 – Lisa Ring
Congressional District 2 – Sanford Bishop (I)
Congressional District 3 – Chuck Enderlin
Congressional District 4 – Hank Johnson (I)
Congressional District 5 – John Lewis (I)
Congressional District 6 – Lucy McBath
Congressional District 7 – Carolyn Bourdeaux
Congressional District 9 – Josh McCall
Congressional District 11 – Flynn Broady
Congressional District 12 – Francys Johnson
Congressional District 13 – David Scott (I)

State Legislative Endorsements

House District    17           Ralph Meers

House District    22           Charles Ravenscraft

House District    36           Jen Slipakoff

House District    35           Salvatore Castellana

House District    36          Jen Slipakoff

House District    37           Mary Francis Williams

House District    38           David Wilkerson

House District    40           Erick Allen

House District    41           Michael Smith

House District    42           Teri Anulewicz

House District    43           Luisa Wakeman

House District    44           Sheila Jones

House District    46           Karin Sandiford

House District    50           Angelika Kausche

House District    51           Josh McLaurin

House District    52           Shea Roberts

House District    55           Marie Metze

House District    56           Mable Thomas

House District    57           Pat Gardner

House District    58           Park Cannon

House District    59           David Dreyer

House District    60           Kim Schofield

House District    62           William Boddie

House District    63           Debra Bazemore

House District    64           Derrick Jackson

House District    65           Sharon Beasley-Teague

House District    66           Kim Alexander

House District    76           Sandra Scott

House District    77           Rhonda Burnough

House District    78           Demetrius Douglas

House District    79           Mike Wilensky

House District    80           Matthew Wilson

House District    81           Scott Holcomb

House District    83           Becky Evans

House District    84           Renitta Shannon

House District    85           Karla Drenner

House District    86           Michele Henson

House District    87           Viola Davis

House District    88           Billy Mitchell

House District    88           Billy Mitchell

House District    89           Bee Nguyen

House District    90           Pam Stephenson

House District    92           Doreen Carter

House District    93           Dar’shun Kendrick

House District    94           Karen Bennet

House District    95          Beth Moore

House District    96           Pedro Marin

House District    97           Aisha Yaqoob

House District    99           Brenda Lopez

House District    100         Dewey McClain

House District    101         Sam Park

House District    105         Donna McCleod

House District    107         Shelley Hutchinson

House District    108        Jasmine Clark

House District    109         Regina Lewis Ward

House District    111         El-Mahdi Holly

House District    113         Pam Dickerson

House District    117         Deborah Gonzalez

House District    118         Spencer Frye

House District    119         Jonathan Wallace

House District    124         Henry "Wade" Howard

House District    125         Sheila Clark Nelson

House District    126         Gloria Frazier

House District    128         Mack Jackson

House District    131         Chris Benton

House District    132         Bob Trammel

House District    135         Calvin Smyre

House District    137         Debbie Buckner

House District    138         Bardin Hooks

House District    142         Miriam Paris

House District    143         James Beverly

House District    143         Carolyn Hughley

House District    147         Fenika Miller

House District    148         Joshua Deriso

House District    151         Joyce Barlow

House District    152         Marcus Batten

House District    154         Winfred Dukes

House District    161         Adam Bridges

House District    162         Carl Wayne Gilliard

House District    163         Craig Gordon

House District    165         Mickey Stephens

House District    168         Al Williams

House District    173         Margaret "Twitty" Titus

House District    175         Treva Gear

House District    177         Dexter Sharper

House District    179         Julie Jordan

Senate District   1              Sandra Workman

Senate District   2              Lester Jackson

Senate District   6              Jen Jordan

Senate District   10           Emmanuel Jones

Senate District   12           Freddy Powell Simms

Senate District   14           Rachel Kinsey

Senate District   15           Ed Harbison

Senate District   22           Harold Jones

Senate District   26           David Lucas

Senate District   32           Christine Triebsch

Senate District   33           Michael Rhett

Senate District   35           Donzella James

Senate District   36           Nan Orrock

Senate District   38           Horacena Tate

Senate District   39           Nikema Williams

Senate District   40           Sally Harrel

Senate District   41           Steve Henson

Senate District   42           Elena Parent

Senate District   43           Tonya Anderson

Senate District   44           Gail Davenport

Senate District   48           Zahra Karinshak

Senate District   55           Gloria Butler

Senate District   56           Ellen Jaeger