The Georgia State AFL-CIO Announces More Endorsements for 2018 Statewide, Federal Offices

Atlanta, GA –

After endorsing Stacey Abrams for Governor in October of 2017,The Georgia AFL-CIO  issued endorsements for other Statewide and Federal races for the 2018 midterm elections on July 23rd, 2018. The Georgia AFL-CIO is the largest Labor body in the state of Georgia with over 200 affiliates. While Georgia is often touted as the number one state to do business, the Georgia AFL-CIO is committed to building a Georgia that is the number one state for workers.

“We are proud to support candidates that support working families “ said Charlie Flemming, President of the Georgia AFL-CIO. “We are proud to support candidates that will fight for our right to collectively bargain and who will fight for a robust economy that lifts up all workers”.

The Georgia AFL-CIO’s list of endorsed candidates includes:
-Sarah Riggs Amico for Lieutenant Governor
-John Barrow for Secretary of State
-Richard Keatley for Commissioner of Labor
-Lisa Ring for Georgia’s First Congressional Districts
-Francys Johnson for Georgia’s Twelfth Congressional District

Lisa Ring, challenging Buddy Carter in Congressional District 1, is one of many Union members or Union family members running for office in Georgia this year. 

On electing Union members to public office, President Charlie Flemming said, “Union members know how to bargain with very powerful entities to get a fair deal at work. Electing more Union members to Congress , Statewide Offices and the State Legislature is crucial, so we can have champions who will fight for a fairer economy for all working families.”

The Georgia AFL-CIO will finalize all  other endorsements in August of 2018.